Common Core

Common Core Marketing is a husband and wife-led team that brings passion, personality, and integrity to your HubSpot experience.

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Our Story

When we met, Kaylie lived in Washington and Luke in Wisconsin.

We were both online playing Magic the Gathering, a game that uses a card called “Commons.” We enjoyed each other’s company and spent more time online together. Eventually our relationship evolved, Kaylie transplanted to the Midwest and we tied the knot!

With the opportunity to launch our company, we drew inspiration for our business name from that game card – Commons – for many reasons. In making this jump to owning our business, it was really about finding that common core – where we meet with others and bridge any gaps. We seek that commonality with our clients, and aim to help you find that commonality with your clients, too.

Who We are

As a HubSpot Marketing & Development Team.

Common Core Marketing values details: we give our time and attention to truly understand your unique business needs and goals, so that we can properly strategize to create an inbound marketing solution that will work for you. Our team brings diverse skills with various HubSpot solutions, including inbound marketing, custom HubSpot development, automation, custom reporting and attribution, overall strategy, and more.

We also believe in the power of HubSpot, when done properly, and have given our time and attention to learning the platform inside and out. We are very experienced in optimizing the tools to meet your unique needs, which we intimately know because we’ve put the time into understanding you!

We use these tools after carefully crafting a strategy based on Revenue Operations (RevOps): a holistic approach to managing revenue that combines data from sales, marketing, customer service and finance teams into one streamlined process. HubSpot offers a suite of tools designed specifically for helping businesses implement effective Revenue Operations strategies, and we know just how to use them.

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Why Choose Common Core

We understand that building a new relationship is all about trust and connection. Whether it’s meeting for the first time or spending time getting to know each other, we genuinely care about getting to know our clients on this journey. We’ve got plenty of experience with long-distance relationships and are here to keep communication open and make sure you feel at ease. 

At the end of the day, we’re two people leading a dedicated marketing team serving a range of companies – and we look forward to learning how we can partner with yours.

What We Do

What To Expect

Our Process

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A FREE consultation with no obligation. We’ll take a deep dive into your business, target customers, the scope of work, and more. This is where our partnership starts.

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A custom proposal is written to outline your pain points, the solutions, the value you receive, and pricing. You know, all the details!

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It’s go time, baby! We’ll have a super in depth discussion about business goals, preferences, meeting your team, and more depending on the scope of the project.

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Onboarding, designing, implementation, and more launches. We’ll develop a sign-off process that works for you, and a custom meeting schedule to make sure everyone involved is on the
same page.

Let’s get in touch.

We are always just a phone call away, and that starts today! Reach out to kick start a conversation about how our team can benefit your business.